Valentine's Day isn't exactly everyone's thing. But Valentine's Day nails? This year there's something you're guaranteed to love no matter your feelings. While the look might call to mind overly saccharine riffs on candy hearts and kiss prints, we're here to show you heart-shaped nail designs don't have to be cheesy.

In fact, there are plenty of Valentine's Day nail ideas that are downright cool—and something you'll want to wear well past February 14. Think rainbow nails but in shades of pastel or gradients of pink, sparkly rose gold finishes that actually look grown-up, and, of course, a few black-and-white options for whoever can't bring themselves to wear red and pink.

So whether you're the type who's into all things romantic or your idea of a perfect Valentine's Day is a hot date with your couch and Netflix, we've got a match for you ahead. Scroll on for the best Valentine's Day nails for 2023.

1. Confetti Hearts

2. Alternating Reds and Pinks

4. Rainbow Hearts

Tiny nail stickers look as sweet as candy hearts against a white base coat (or you can have a friend make them for you with a toothpick).


Instagram / @nailsbymei


A bouquet on your nails > one at your desk (or coffee table, if you're still WFC—working from couch). Try painting your own if you've got skills; otherwise you can use some nail art stickers.


Instagram / @betinagoldstein

10. Cuddly designs

How about these beautiful teddy design nails. We don't always need roses to show some love!


Credit: Coco Glam (Crystal Clawz)

11. Minimalist Designs

Small, hand-painted designs (which you can achieve through a nail pen) really pop against a simple, geometric base like this one.


Instagram / @nailit.koz


12. Pretty Patterns

If you can't decide between stripes, glitters, and hearts, why not try all of them? Tie the patterns together with a similar shade of pink.


Instagram / @SHELLACQUEEN 

13. On the Dotted Line

Let your heart-accented nail stand out by painting the rest of your manicure a soft pastel pink.



14. Barely There

Tiny hearts and a smattering of subtle sparkle are an elegant nod to the holiday.



15.New Shades

Who said red was the color of romance? You can also feel the love with pink, gold, and black-and-white.



16. X O

Is there a better occasion for this manicure than Valentine's Day? Some hugs and kisses make the perfect accent nail.


Instagram / @danis.manis

17. Every Rose Has Its Thorn

This single rose design is a great challenge for the amateur nail artists out there, but the rest of us will probably be using nail stickers.


Credit: CK Nails (Crystal Clawz)




19. Beating Heart

The best design you can get to show your love on this special day, and adding gems to an accent nail is low-lift touch of glamour.



Instagram / @opi

21. All About the Arrows

The arrows on these accent nails stand out thanks to a white base color. Using that same white to create smaller hearts on the middle nail brings everything together.



22. All About That Love

What other special way to show your love for this love filled day with stunning red nails and a beautiful, hand painted accent nail!


Credit: ChayilK Nails (Crystal Clawz)



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