Picking the most appropriate gel polish is a struggle for some. This is especially true since there are many considerations when choosing the right colour such as skin tone, style, the shape of nails and even occasion. When I was younger, I’ve had my fair share of struggles. I get so caught up with my favorite shade and the latest hues available in the market that I fail to consider other factors.

5 Tips on Choosing The Right GEL POLISH ColoUrs

Nevertheless, after years of gaining experience as a nail artist, I’ve gathered tried and tested measures in selecting the right gel colours. These are also my gauge whenever clients ask for my recommendations. This post is a product of my journey, and the list would hopefully help you make that intelligent decision. Here are my top five tips to guide you on your way to manicure perfection. Enjoy!

1. Your Skin Tone

There’s probably no need to elaborate just how important it is to match gel polish to your complexion. You may see a color or shade that looks good on your friend. However, it didn’t translate just as well when you’re sporting it. Have you considered the difference in your complexion? Colors may look washed out or mismatched depending on the skin tone. Thus, complexion should be one of the main considerations.

As a tip, take note of the following:

Fair skin – For this skin tone, try to work your way around gel polish colours with a lighter shade. Remember to stay away from very dark colours except for red. Do try:
  • Pastel colours
  • Reds
  • Purple shades
  • Peach
  • Orange
Check out How To Choose The Right Nail Polish For You at https://naildesigns.com/5-tips-on-choosing-the-right-nail-polish-colors/ Medium or olive skin tone – This the type of complexion that can basically carry almost anything with the exception of rust and gold gel polish. The latter colours do not complement this skin tone. Do try:
  • Nudes
  • Red (Orange-Red)
  • Pink
  • Blue (Sky Blue)
  • Purple
Dark skin – As shocking as this may sound, very dark tones look best on dark skin. Dark colours pop out and they look absolutely vibrant with this skin tone. Thus, avoid light or pale colours as they tend to look washed out with your skin colour. Do try:
  • Neon and bright Pink / Fuchsia
  • Darker berry tint of Purple
  • Deep reds
  • Cream and beige with a sheer
  • Intense Cobalt shades

2. Your Makeup

The colour of your makeup and polish can make or break you. Aim for the good kind of attention, so avoid matching your makeup and polish in a way that you look outdated. The point is, you don’t want to look tacky. Right? Being matchy-matchy is okay as long as it’s done right. This actually makes you look pulled together. Thus, if you’re wearing dark makeup, match it with your nails by painting them with darker gel polish shade. In fact, it’s acceptable to wear a similar shade of lipstick and nail polish.

3. The Season

Picking the right nail polish color is also dependent on the season. It’s best if your choice complements the time of the year. During Winter try darker shades. Pretty pastels look gorgeous during Spring while fun and bright neon hues are stunning color choices for Summer. Finally, nudes and neutrals are recommended during Autumn. Check out How To Choose The Right Nail Polish For You at https://naildesigns.com/5-tips-on-choosing-the-right-nail-polish-colors/

4. The Occasion

Where you’re wearing the gel polish to is also of extreme importance. It would be kind of weird to look so glammed yet totally out of place. Thus, you need to choose your nail colours according to the occasion. What will you be doing during the day? Are you just hanging out in the mall? Feel free to wear your choice of fun and bubbly colours. If you’re going on a night out, you can be daring and try gold, bronze or silver. However, if you have a job interview or business meeting, shift to the safe side and wear neutral colours. Rule of thumb: choose what’s appropriate.

5. Latest Trends

This is, of course, another good consideration. Pay attention to what’s currently trending and popular. Fashion experts are called that way for a good reason, so trust them. Check out what’s hot and not. Try out what’s on the radar but you also need to be discerning whether it fits you and your style or lifestyle among many other considerations. Note though that while fashion trends are amazing, you need not join the bandwagon if you’re not feeling comfortable with it.