Greenies is a nail tech's worst nightmare. Not only do you have to deal with the bacteria infected nail; you also have to deal with a very unhappy client.
'Greenies', also known as Green Nail Syndrome, is a bacterial infection caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria. These bacteria thrive in moist conditions, such as between the nail bed and artificial nail. The infected nail discolours to a green colour, hence the name 'Greenies'.
Luckily, Greenies can be easily treated. Firstly, remove the artificial nail. Lightly buff the nail. Make sure to tell your client to keep their nails dry and free from enhancements until their natural nails have fully healed. Once the bacteria is exposed to air and loses its damp habitat, they will die. The nail stain can then be left to grow out naturally. Antibiotics or ointment are usually not needed to destroy the bacteria, but if your client's nail continues to discolour, refer them to a doctor.
Firstly, choose your products carefully. It is extremely important to choose a product of great quality. This is why we recommend the Crystal Clawz Gel Polish range. These products do not lift, chip, peel or fade; and are renown for their durability. All of the Crystal Clawz products go through a rigorous testing period by our top nail techs to ensure that our clients get the best quality products on the market. Secondly, make sure that you prep the nail correctly. Sanitize your clients' nails thoroughly to ensure that all bacteria has been eliminated, before you apply enhancements. Prep the nail well to ensure that the enhancements adhere and won't lift. The Crystal Clawz gel products do not require any primers or bonders. They have perfect self-levelling, high pigmentation for fewer coats (saving time and cost) and sits fast until it's time to remove and start again. Thirdly, encourage your clients to book an appointment with you as soon as they experience lifting to avoid getting this infection. Educate them about greenies and let them know it is avoidable and that you will definitely squeeze them into your busy schedule to ensure they don't get this infection. Lastly, encourage your clients to properly take care of their nails. Discuss a list of do's and don'ts to ensure that their nail enhancements last as long as possible. If you enjoyed this blog, make sure to visit our website at: