We all have that one incident (or rather a few), where impatience gets the better of us and we end up getting nail polish everywhere. But, accidentally getting nail polish lacquered to your desk, couch, skirt, or even your hair doesn’t mean that it needs to stay there. The faster you act, the better off you are going to be and you can be sure that your hair won’t bear the remnants of your nail polish oopsie.

Removing Nail Polish from Your Hair

Every time you are in a rush, it is quite amazing how your nail polish can end up in the most unwanted places. If the nail polish is wet, you can apply some acetone-free nail polish remover. This is because acetone tends to be incredibly harsh on hair. Soak a paper towel with the acetone-free nail polish remover then run this through the affected hair strands to remove the nail polish. Wet your wide-toothed comb then brush a bit of water through the hair to get rid of the remaining traces of the nail polish remover.

Removing Dry Nail Polish from Your Hair

The good news is that dry nail polish is not that hard to get off your hair. With your fingers, you can apply a conditioner to your hair with the dry nail polish. The dry nail polish will then start peeling off. If it fails to work, you can put a small amount of acetone-free nail polish remover and the job is done. Don’t forget to rinse off your hair once you are finished.

Removing Nail Polish from Your Child’s Hair

Whether your child accidentally gets nail polish on her hair when you weren't looking or you touched her hair before your nail polish dried properly, wet nail polish often ends up on children’s hair. Although it is easy to remove nail polish from your own nails using the usual commercial nail polish remover, it may be a bit harder to get it out of your child’s delicate and fine hair. Luckily, there are other methods you can try. First, isolate the hair strands covered with the nail polish then place an ice cube on these. Try chipping the hardened pieces of nail polish from the hair strands of your child. This should be done until you have removed as much nail polish as you can. Go to the second step if there is still any remaining nail polish on your little one’s hair. Apply mineral oil or baby oil on your fingers. Massage this gently on the spots with nail polish. Pull on the polish carefully by running down your fingers through the hair strands. Continue the process until most of the polish has been dislodged. If there is still polish remaining in your kid’s hair, the next step should be done. Apply a small amount of nail polish remover on a cotton ball or cotton swab. Dab this on the hair of your child until you remove the nail polish. Rinse out all traces of the nail polish remover and oil from your child's hair.
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