A nail professional is constantly seeking information about upcoming nail trends and innovations. It’s equally – if not more – important to keep your industry knowledge and business skills up-to-date to ensure longevity in your career. Attending workshops and events is a fantastic learning and networking opportunity and also contributes to your continued professional development. The internet often affords conflicting views and misinformation, but attending fact based, impartial events run by true industry experts can help dispel any myths and usually provide you with new, invaluable knowledge. There are unlimited business workshops and training available all over South Africa, covering topics such as starting or running a small business, marketing & PR, financial/accounting, social media and more. Some are available for free/low cost including day courses for beginners and can really help you understand the different aspects of running your own, profitable and successful business. How can you find out about industry and business events?
  • Keep an eye out on trade & industry social media channels and magazines as they’ll usually announce events – e.g Scratch Magazine, Salon Services and Nails magazine etc.
  • Look into seminars and workshops. There are usually full educational programmes scheduled over the course of the show.
  • Ask your educator(s), fellow nail technicians & don’t forget to share any useful events you have been to, so others can join you!
  • Join local business groups – e.g. women in business, small business owners, beauty businesses etc. You can find groups online (Google/Facebook search) and they usually host events. It’s also a great way to network with local business owners.
  • Search Eventbrite or Facebook for events in your area – this is an incredible resource for events and you can search for your desired topic e.g. beauty, Instagram, marketing, workshops etc
  • Head to your local library to find out about the local business resources and courses available to you.
Can’t make a event? Get in touch with the organizers, to see whether a playback will be available. If not, ask any peers whether they will be willing to take & share notes and if you find it hard to attend face to face training, look for online workshops/courses. The importance of attending these events:
  • Expert guests help to truly educate you on issues affecting us and the industry. They cover topics like product legalities, the allergy epidemic, how to price your services and nail art, goal setting, SEO...
  • Allows you to participate in discussions about important issues in the industry.
  • You get to meet like minded professionals who are part of the wider beauty industry.
  • You get first hand, face to face training, which is much better than online courses or workshops. You have a professional in your industry at your disposal.
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