With lockdown in place we are all struggling. Everyone is stuck at home and so are our clients. So, what do you do? How do you make an income, even when your salon is closed? Well, here are a few ideas how to stay afloat.
Promote Gift Cards
Not only does this help you get new clients and develop return clients, but it also brings in cash flow. With Mother's Day coming up, this is the perfect time to start promoting gift cards. Promote discount gift cards, combo gift cards or normal gift cards. Put exciting posts on your page, share them to groups and send out emails to your loyal clients.
Discount Your Unpopular Stock
If you are a distributor or sell beauty products, put up an amazing special on your under-performing stock. Sell them online (whether on your website or on social media) and have them delivered when the lockdown ends.
Create An Online Course
If you enjoy creating a specific design or have a passion for teaching young potential nail techs, why not create your own online course on Facebook? You don't need sophisticated equipment to record your course - simply use your phone. If the quality of sound and visuals is good, then you are set. This provides a good source of passive income, even when the lockdown ends. If you enjoyed this blog, please view our latest posts here: https://www.crystalclawz.co.za/