It’s lockdown… No more clients. No more crazy shopping sprees for nail supplies. On the bright side, at least we have time to actually drink our coffee hot and have lunch. If you are bored and don’t know what to do with yourself, here is a list of things you can do during lockdown:
  1. Do your nails!
Oh, yes. Your clients’ nails are always your top priority: now it is time to show your own nails a little bit of love. Perhaps you were too busy to try out a new trend or design that had caught your eye. Well, now you have the chance! Let your imagination run wild!
  1. Start a YouTube channel
There are a lot of nail techs who are thriving on YouTube, such as Suzie from Nail Career Education and Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. Why not start your own channel? Become an influencer by creating tutorials or videos of yourself giving tips to new nail techs. How about a tutorial on how to remove your nails at home? Think about those clients who didn’t get a chance to get a fill before the lockdown.
  1. Create an online course
Nowadays creating an online course is more cost-effective. Share your knowledge with a community of new or potential nail techs who are willing to learn. Bonus: you can make a bit of extra cash.
  1. Start a blog
Blogs are an amazing source of information: business tips, amusing stories, advice and so much more. Create a blog for your clients or fellow nail techs (or both) will valuable information, such as the benefits of using certain products, your experience in as a nail tech, how to care for your nails at home etc.
  1. Take part in a challenge
We are all stuck at home; missing our adorable and chatty clients. So, take part in a challenge. Crystal Clawz Nail Art Lounge (a Facebook group) hosts weekly challenges to keep you busy. Practice your nail art in a supportive environment. Whether you are a beginner or a pro – it is a lot of fun! We even have a 21 day lockdown challenge! Join the group HERE.
Weekly Challenge #12
Crystal Clawz Nail Art Lounge @dnailsoficial
  1. Start a new trend
Have you ever wondered how the bubble / foam nail art came to be? Like, who was sitting there making soap bubbles and decided it was a good idea to put it on a nail and cure it? Why not think out of the box and come up with your own trend?
  1. Try out nail hacks
We have all seen those nail hacks online and wondered: does this really work? Now is your chance to test it out. Perhaps you find a hack that will work perfectly in the salon when the lockdown ends. If you enjoyed this blog, click here to view our website with our latest posts.