Matte or Glossy Nails


Whether you consider yourself a “girlie - girl” or a no-nonsense female, most women will agree that it feels good to have your nails professionally done. After a manicure, you feel neat, tidy and, well, pretty. There are so many options when it comes to getting your nails done today.

However, when you slide into your nail technicians chair and she takes your hands in hers, one of the first questions she will most likely ask is whether you want a matte or glossy finish on your nails.

At first blush, this seems to be a question of personal preference. However, one is guided by current fashion standards. Matte Nail Polish For those guided by the latest fashion and celebrity trends, matte nail polish lends a modern, chic touch to nails. This trend holds true for lighter and darker nail colours.

It seems though that most women prefer a dark matte colour. Some women state that a matte nail colour stays fresh looking for a longer period. This seems to be particularly true if they are typing a lot or using a computer at work. As matte nails are a big trend now. Glossy Nails Despite the matte nail trend, many women prefer a glossy finish to their nails. The range of available colours is limited only to your imagination.

If your preferences fall somewhere in the mid-range, meaning nails that are not so glossy that they appear wet or completely flat matte, there are a variety of creative options available to you through your professional nail stylist. For your summer season, try some of the pearly nail finishes. These will give your nails a light sparkle quality in the sunlight. You can also consider decorating your nails with a nail art. This trend in nail design remains strong among all age groups. Essential to Your Outfit Your nails are a way to complement your overall style. They are often the “finishing” touch to an outfit.

You can choose a style that is more reserved, elegant and tailored or use the opportunity to go for something a little more Avant-garde. Visit your local nail salon today and try a new style for the season!