CRYSTAL CLAWZ BUILDER GEL CRYSTAL CLAWZ Builder Gel is a traditional style Gel. The consistency is very thick and the Gel is applied with a gel brush. This Builder Gel is sensational. At CRYSTAL CLAWZ South Africa, we spent 6 months testing a wide range of products from many manufacturers before finally selecting the best product available. This Builder Gel is as strong as acrylic, but offers the flexibility of gel. It does not lift, chip or peel, and is easy to sculpt. CRYSTAL CLAWZ Builder Gel requires a CRYSTAL CLAWZ Gel Polish Base Coat, but does not require Primer. This saves time and money to increase your profits as a professional nail technician. Our Builder Gel is a buff-off system and is ideal for:

  • Natural Nail Overlays
  • Tip Overlays
  • Sculpting
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