Inst-hashtags Although there are accounts that seem to have been famous all the time, as time passes, they gain more followers and interactions in each publication, but it wasn´t always so. Many of these probably made several mistakes before finding the right strategy. Here we share some errors when using hashtags on Instagram.

1. Use Generic Hashtags

We all have a contact on Instagram who adds hashtags such as #Love, #InstaDaily, or #InstaMood.
These generic hashtags can generate more visibility in a publication, but it is quite probable that they only attract a certain type of followers who comment in order to generate more followers to your account.
Meaning, these are accounts that only focus on having thousands of followers or on obtaining more reciprocal likes, that comment on all the pictures with generic hashtags and they do not care about the content. Be careful with these types of accounts in order to avoid that their comments distract from the content published on your account. It requires some time and patience to gain a good number of true and genuinely interested followers for your brand, so beyond creating content designed to win followers, try to publish interesting and quality content.
Using more specific hashtags, related to your products, will not provide you with more visibility when using a generic hashtag, however the users that interact with you will be really interested in your brand.

2. Don’t use location hashtags

Whether you sell online or have a physical store, it is important that
companies seek to attract more local followers in their publications using specific location hashtags.
This strategy works for locally managed industries (for example, party photographers), as well as using hashtags like #wedding, #party, #photographers, etc., they can use relevant location hashtags for their location in order for clients to find them easily. Even better, if these companies have a specific hashtag for their brand, such as #Incredibleparties and add their location to let everyone know where these kinds of parties take place.

3. Do not reinvent your selection of hashtags all the time

If you want to continue increasing the number of followers interested in your brand, you need to investigate daily what your followers are paying attention to.
Don’t stick with the same tags to share your content with. Look for tags that are generating and attracting the attention of your audience.
Invest time trying different hashtags for your content and study which one generated more interaction as well as which one generated more real followers. The time invested in this simple task will potentially increase the reach of your publications.

4. Add to hashtags even after you have published

It is also important that the hashtags are added before you press the Publish or Share button.
Remember that Instagram shares its content in real time and if you add tags or hashtags afterwards, this eliminates the opportunity to appear in different searches.
If you tend to forget the hashtags that you publish normally, you can create a list with those tags that you must always use (such as the name of your brand or its location) and add in a separate section those that change constantly according to the product or service.
Another recommended strategy by experts is to publish the first hashtags when you publish a comment. And once it is published, add a new comment with the rest of the hashtags.
This way you make sure that your publication stays visible for a longer period of time. If you enjoyed this blog, have a look at our website for our latest posts and product info: Credit: