Winter is around the corner and we can all feel the chill in the air! Just because it's getting gloomy outside, doesn't mean your creativity should have a brain freeze! We have put together a variety of nail designs to inspire you to take off your winter gloves, grab your brushes and gel polishes and start painting away!
1. 50 Shades of Blue
We just absolutely adore this design! The classic winter blues can be spiced up with marbling and metallic deco! There is no need to stick with the usual blues, when you can let your creativity run with shades and deco.
2. Spring in Winter
You could stick with the classic winter colours, but why should you? This fabulous pink and green combo adds a vibrant colour to put that pep in your step. Why not have Spring in Winter?
3. Natural Hues to Get Rid of The Blues
This design just reminds us of that trusty leather jacket that could keep you warm in a snow storm! These beautiful colours are that pop of colour you need to get through the cold months.
4. Fashionista Gucci Nails
This deep camo green is a fabulous colour to use for this winter! For all you nail fashionistas, these Gucci stickers are perfect to express your style on your nails!
5. Audrey Hepburn Red
Luscious Red will never go out of style! With the subdued hues of Winter, go bold with this delicious red!
6. Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk
If there is any item of clothing that I can't live without in winter (well, in any season) is a pair of comfy jeans! This gorgeous textured design is a must this winter!
7. Tropical Paradise!
And we are back with this fabulous green! As you know, I am a huge green fan, so I just had to add in another design with this fabulous colour! This design will transport you to a tropical paradise! These designs have all been created with gel polishes from our Indulgence range. We have 20 BRAND SPANKING NEW colours that we have just added, so make sure you have a look and add them to your collection: Loved this blog? Click HERE to view our latest posts.