Let’s be honest, we’ve all had a manicure that we didn’t like the shape of. Unfortunately, if you’re new to manicures, this is usually inevitable. It’s as much about knowing the nail shapes available as it is about being aware of the shape of your hand and which type will suit you best. There are 7 different types of nail shapes to choose from, which makes the decision all the harder. Not only because there’s always a new trend to follow, but there’s no longer just the simple “square nail’ – “round nail’, I mean what’s a “coffin nail’?


This nail shape is, you guessed it, shaped just like an almond, and people are going nutty for it! This nail shape is again best suited to long nails, therefore you might want to consider getting acrylics to pull off this one. Go for a metallic colour or a bold polish to really show-off this shape. If you’re feeling bold, you can even try out the current trend of multi-colours nails – a different colour on each nail, but fit in the same colour scheme. This shape is very feminine and glamorous; some might even suggest a classier look.
Top Tips:
  • Best suited to short or long fingertips
  • Also suggested to people with short or narrow nail beds
  • Great for the glamorous look
  • Gives you that extra feminine boost


Square is definitely a very stylish, yet simple and low maintenance style of nail shape. This is used when you decide to go for a bolder and out there colour. The square shaped nail is great for those with short nails, as it gives them a clean, polished look. However, if you are wanting to elongate the look of your fingers, we would suggest going for more of a round or oval shape. Nothing is set in stone and anything said does not mean this necessarily fits to you as a person, however this nail shape is suggested for people with longer fingertips and long narrow nail beds. I would have loved for someone to give me this advice before, as me and my short fingertips have made this mistake one too many times, they make your hands and fingers feel smaller and stubbier than they really are. This shape is an all time favourite and looks amazing if suited to your hand shape.
Top Tips:
  • Best suited for those longer fingertips
  • Also suggested for long narrow nail beds
  • Very stylish
  • Low maintenance with a touch of bold


Is squoval a word? We don’t know, but what we do know is that this shape is perfect for people that like the square shape, but are worried it will make their fingers appear shorter. This shape has softer edges, which can elongate the fingers, and it is also a lot easier to maintain. This is an interesting one because it’s firstly one which I’m sure by name is unfamiliar to a lot, however visually this shape of nail is more along the natural growth and appearance of a nail. This nail shape is suggested for all hand and nail bed types, because as mentioned this is how your nail, if never been manicured before will naturally grow and actually elongates them. This is just an iconic, natural and classic look. Looks best with a French manicure or with a natural, simple colour.
Top Tips:
  • Suits all hands
  • Good to go with all nail beds
  • Classic and natural look
  • Natural looking elongation


Stiletto heels not your thing? Why not go for stiletto shaped nails instead, they are a whole lot less painful, even Beyonce is a fan! These nails are great if you have shorter, slightly wider fingers, as they give the illusion of long, slender nails.You can’t get more extra than this. These nails are loud, extra, hard to maintain and elongates your hands. These are used with the loudest statement of colour, or nail art you can think of.
Top Tips:
  • Worth the extra maintenance
  • Iconic elongation
  • Absolutely Fabulous appearance
  • Great with matching shoes


So here we go, these are very similar to the stiletto nail shape. They are a statement shape but maybe a little more on the natural side compared to the stiletto, also this shape is quite similar to the Squoval in the sense that it suits most hands if included with narrow and long nail beds. A bit more on the dramatic side, this nail shape is suited to much longer nails, as the look can be hard to achieve otherwise. Kylie Jenner brought this shape to our attention, and people have been obsessed with it ever since. If it’s good enough for Kylie Jenner, then it’s good enough for us, right?
Top Tips:
  • Suits all Shapes
  • Suggested for narrow and long nail beds
  • Subtle hint of Stiletto
  • Practical statement look with normal heels


The Oval Shape is a very simple yet classic and chic look. It’s your boss lady, classic keyboard-typing look. The oval nail is a shape well known for giving the illusion of length to your fingers. It tends to work better with longer nails, so if it’s oval you want, you better stop biting those fingernails! This alongside the almond shaped nail, are confidence boosters. Small hands, short finger tips, wide nails and stubby fingers are something a lot of women have, and with the expressive use of your hands and the fact that you use your hands for everything, nails like these can give you that extra set of confidence to be expressive and not shy away from who you are or what assets you hold within you. Nothing is a negative, everything’s an asset.
Top Tips:
  • Good for short hands
  • Likes wider nail beds
  • Classic Chick
  • Confidence in the office


Round is suggested for people with shorter fingertips and nail beds, because it elongates them. Although it might seem like one of the most simple shapes, round nails are universal, they suit anyone as they follow the natural shape of the fingertip. They can also elongate your fingers subtly, so can work on both long and short nails. This is again a very natural, classic and chic look. Best suited with any shade of polish.
Top Tips:
  • Suits those shorter fingertips and nail beds
  • Elongates nails
  • Giving a very natural and chick look
  • Great for all colours of nail polish