1.) You feel confident afterwards. No more nail polish that sneaked its way onto your cuticles or surrounding skin. No more smudges. Your hands and feet look and feel revitalized after your nail tech files your nails into the perfect shape and smooths away those calluses. 2.) You get to go wild with your choices! Gel mani? Chevron tips with bling? Classy French tips jazzed up with striking red? Dramatic stilettos? Nail techs have hundreds of colors and styles. You dream it, they will make it happen. No more limited choices with those at home manicure and pedicure sets; they have you covered from the most complicated nail art to sculpting with hard gel! 3.) You get a listening ear and the best advice of your life. Nail techs don’t just suggest that deep purple you never considered, they listen to your feelings and understand. Best of all, what happens at the salon stays at the salon. 4.) You get to have a mini escape with your girlfriends and relax. Nail techs love meeting others, and so do you. Bond and create relationships that will last years.
5.) You get compliments of how beautiful your nails look. You love hearing “Wow! Where did you get your nails done?”
6.) You are addicted to the fun. Nail techs are all about laughs, smiles, and jokes. What better place to take a load off than at your local nail salon?
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