It’s time to give your manicurist a call, because the 2019 nail trends are here, and they absolutely beg to be mimicked. When it came to shapes, the 2019 nail trends ran the gamut from short and square to long and pointed, with some moderate options in between. There was also variety in the 2019 nail polish trends when it came to color, with a ton of bright yellows and pinks as the seasonally appropriate options (Spring is quickly approaching), and some darker shades as well for those who don’t care too much about arbitrary rules. When it came to the Spring 2019 nail art trends, there was less diversity, but instead there were two options that were essentially polar opposites: uber-minimalist designs, usually applied over a bare nail, and extreme appliqués and embellishments that stand out even from a distance. Give all of the spring 2019 nail polish trends a good hard look – maybe you’ll be inspired to try something new, or maybe you’ll stick to the safe classics. We guarantee that this is a season where you can’t go wrong! 2019 Nail Trends: #1. Short Squoval Nails The squoval nail shape fits a shorter nail perfectly, since it gives the sleek elegance of a square without the harsh edges. It is the perfect way of looking sophisticated and put together without uncomfortably long nails. While normally this shape works best with simple, solid colored nail polish, we actually saw it paired with a lot of joyful sparkle, such as embellishing the nail with glitter or confetti glitter nail polish. #2. Almond Nails An almond nail is a classic with which you can never go wrong, especially if you favor medium or long nails. The overall Winter/Autumn 2019 nail trends leaned towards length, and that also included long almond nails, which were usually in the form of press-ons that were prepared in advance. #3. Long Square Nails A square nail is usually a more serious nail, but once it obtains length it actually becomes one of the most dramatic nail shapes, especially when embellished with appliqués. On the runways we saw a lot of lengthy press-on nails with a squared-off tip. #4. Stiletto Nails Every serious, calm woman needs to break out of her shell at least once in her life, and the Autumn/Winter 2019 nail trends are giving you just that chance with some really intense stiletto nails. This manicure shape, with its fierce length and pointed end, is both truly feminine and sharply dangerous. Is that not what we need right now? #5. Glitter and Sparkle Get your sparkle on with bits of glitter, and don’t worry too much about applying it precisely – the nail artists responsible for the Autumn / Winter 2019 nail trends certainly didn’t. The theme at Kate Spade was one of the late designer’s quotes, “she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes,” which expressed itself in nude nails covered with just a few delicate sparkles per nail. It was all about that small touch of sparkle, where glitter polish was only applied to an accent nail, and only near the ends, in an undone, almost chipped look. Why not dig out the pigtails and try a girlish look with confetti nails covered in multi-colored sparkles. #6. Metallic Nail Polish Take heed – metallic nails are reserved for those who do not mess around! Metallic nail polishes have a comeback for the Autumn / Winter 2019 nail trends, and for a good reason – they can be edgy or luxurious, fierce or frivolous, all depending on how they are applied. Metallic nails become undeniably fierce when paired with a sharp stiletto shape. Are you a fan of sci-fi? Why not try a silvery duo-chrome shade that'll give you a retro-futurist space warrior vibe. #7. Joyous Yellow Nails I'm walking on sunshine... Why not defy the cold and windy season with a bit of sunny colours? Why not try matching the bright sunny shade of your nails to accessories you wear with your clothing to make a huge colourful impact? Because of its cheerful appeal, yellow nails are usually paired with fairly short nails. Change it up and see what effect stiletto nails have on the bright canary yellows. #8. Frame Nail Art We saw two very different takes on frames in the 2019 nail art trends – something that particularly stood out because we hadn’t seen much of this particular nail art design before this season. Frame nail art refers to two-toned manicures that are framed with a thin line surrounding the perimeter of the nail. This frame may even be accomplished with nail art.This is a super cool way of doing nail art, and we are excited to see if designers will keep innovating it in future seasons! #9. Black and White Nails If you’re not a big fan of color, but still want to play around with nail designs, you might like the black and white Autumn / Winter 2019 nail art trends that a few designers made use of. Zig-zag black lines changed up the traditional French manicure. Lace transfer foils create an elegant design over white nails. Black spider gel allows you to make several exciting patterns over your nail. You can't go wrong with the classic black and white combo. #10. Bare Nail Touched with Art The most minimalist of the 2019 nail art trends were small designs drawn or stuck to mostly bare nails, either all over or just on an accent nail. This trend was one of the most ubiquitous, because it is quick, easy, and versatile. #11. Red Nails Red nail polish could never go out of style, so it was only natural that it would be included in the 2019 nail polish trends. Red nails are usually a way of showing a passionate, seductive side with just a swipe of a brush. Try contrasting red nails with white nails. Although red is associated with a fiery personality, it is possible to use a lighter shade and make it cute with transfer foils. #12. Cutesy Drawings You can get super cute with the win 2019 nail art trends. If you have a flare for the precise, or access to some stickers, then you should definitely play around with some of the adorable designs we saw on nails this season. It was all about stickers featuring cute cartoon characters as well as good luck charms like eyes. Colorful smiley face stickers over a rainbow stiletto manicure did the trick, interjecting whimsy into a fierce nail shape. #13. Nudes Nude nail polishes are a great choice as an all-over color for the 2019 nail polish trends, rather than strictly as part of a French manicure. Nude nails can be super simple. A fun twist is to pair it with gold glitter, nail art, or transfer foils. #14. Spring Femme Nails Spring is around the corner and what better way to get ahead of the seasons than to try out some floral prints? Peaches and pinks are the perfect shades for femme nails. Add a girlish touch that will echo a princess trend in both fashion and accessories, and are a perfect complement to springtime florals. Pastel peach short nails are definitely worth trying out. #15. White Nail Polish Are white nails clean and virginal, or do they just look like you mistook the white-out bottle for polish? It’s up to you how you feel about this color. The nails in this seasonal trend lean more towards clean beauty. White nails can be beautifully accented with a variety of colours and nail art. #16. Dark Solid Colors We just covered floral and now we have jumped straight to dark and solid colours. You may have to change your nails weekly if you want to try out all of the current trends. Dark green nails seem to be making a considerable appearance. Why not aim for the dark, mysterious and dangerous look? #17. Three-Dimensional Embellishments We can always expect a few nail artists to go all out in their designs, by building up nails loaded with 3D appliqués that can be seen from a mile away. Most of the 3D nail embellishments that we saw in the early 2019 nail trends were on the opulent side of things, made with gold and precious jewels, but there are some notable exceptions.Nail piercings also showed up in nail designers repertoires, decorating the tips of blue nails. #18. Two-Tone Nails One of the most minimalist and wearable nail art trends is the two-tone design, where you do nothing but just apply a coat of your favorite solid color and paint the tips in another color using the shape you like. Two-tone nails came in different color, implementing the same French manicure design yet in an updated, modern way, where you ditch the classic nude and white color combination. #19. Clear Press-On Nails The most unusual, unexpected and fiercest spring/ summer 2019 nail trend is wearing ultra-long press-on nails in their raw form without later on applying a nail color to make them look more natural. This trend is the perfect logical sequence of the 2019 clear bag trend and the PVC materials used all over the runways for the upcoming seasons. Colored clear press-on nails in bright, bold shades, from neon yellows and greens to red are quite popular. Content from Glowsly written by Maya Adivi Photos via Livingly, Vogue and Crystal Clawz