1. You should look for an electric file that is comfortable in your hand. Find one that isn’t too large or is hard for you to grip, if that’s the case and you purchase it you could cause harm to yourself or others when using it.
  2. Make sure that the bit doesn’t wobble or hammer on the nail, you want it to turn true. This is a huge thing to look out for because if the bit vibrates it can cause harm to your nail and loosen it.
  3. Make sure that you are able to turn the machine slower when you’re doing delicate, intricate work or can turn it faster when doing bulk work.
  4. Make sure that the bits that the file takes are standard size, this way you won’t be limited on the types the manufacturer of the bits offers.
TIPS: How to use an electric nail file machine Properly and Efficiently Learn what your machine is capable of and how everything works on it. You should also read about each bit you might have to know how to properly use them and what purpose they hold. If you are considering using an electric file for more than just a home manicure, you might want to consider taking some courses on how to properly use an electric nail file to ensure your safety and the safety of any of your friends/clients. Always ensure that you are cleaning the bits with acetone and sterilizing them after using them to prevent any sort of infections or wearing down of the product as much as possible. Materials that you’ll need:
  • Electric nail file
  • Barrel bit
  • Cone bit
  • Russian manicure bits
Instructions on how to use an electric nail file accurately and safely
  1. The first step to using an electric file is to use your Russian Manicure bits and clean out underneath your fingernails. You should keep your palm down, using a low speed, and be incredibly careful not to nick the skin under your nail*.
* The skin under your nail is incredibly sensitive, so try very hard to avoid it to prevent causing yourself a lot of pain.
  1. File down the length of your nail to the length you are most comfortable with using the barrel bit. You should begin on one side of your nail and move the tip around the nail to the other side, and then repeat. You can support your finger by pressing it against your thumb if you’re doing your own manicure. If you’re doing a manicure for someone else, you should hold their finger at the first join and hold the nail toward you.
  2. Use the barrel bit and the front of your nail to shape it. You should work from the tip of the nail to the cuticle – when you get to the cuticle, use a small semi-circular movement to shape the nail so that you don’t tear it.
  3. To tidy at the cuticle, you should use the barrel safety bit to file gently around the cuticle area on a low speed. You should start at the sidewall on the right and move slowly to the cuticle sidewall on the left. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BIT THE ENTIRE TIME: do not hit the nail while shaping at the cuticle.