online booking - whaT IS IT AND WHY SHOULD I USE IT?

Gone are the days where you would have an A4 diary full of scribbles and tears as you add new appointments and cross out no shows, while juggling clients and trying to keep everyone happy. Online booking eliminates all of that chaos and makes the booking management process one smooth easy process. Online booking allows your clients to make appointments with you over an app, leaving you with a bit of free time for once.
  1. Cuts your workload significantly
Your job as a nail technician is to give a high quality service – the client’s experience must be so enjoyable that they come back for more! Your job is to engage with your client on a personal level while designing their nails. This connection with your client that you are trying to achieve is completely disrupted when the phone rings and you need to jump up and help another client. Responding to emails is not much quicker. All the time you would have had to spend managing your calendar can now be spent focusing on your craft. Many nail technicians describe saving as much as 9 hours a week, while using an online scheduling app. Your calendar remains full, but you have more time to engage with your clients and focus on great service delivery.
  1. Appointments can be booked 24/7
Have you ever had clients contact you out of work hours to book an appointment? Has your Sunday turned into a day of scheduling? Online booking allows your client to book whenever and wherever they want. This may even increase your sales, as your salon may be closed, but you are open for bookings all day every day. Many nail techs spend their evenings following up on all the calls they’ve missed and messages and emails they haven’t had a chance to reply to. Online booking now allows you to take you off time and use it to relax or spend time with your family.
  1. Sync your online booking software with social media.
There are billions of people on social media, so why not allow your clients to book on a platform that they are familiar with? Social Media also allows your clients to share your business and details with their friends and family. Social media has become a vital marketing tool in the nail industry. Instagram is a great platform to reach your younger audience, while most older people are able to navigate Facebook.
  1. Virtually error-free
Online bookings and payments have become common-place in today’s society. These platforms are more secure than ever protecting your client’s details and profiles. At the end of the appointment, the checkout is more secure and much faster – the client’s card details are already loaded on the system. This is more efficient and convenient for both you and the client. Tip: Implement no show protection policies to ensure that you are paid on time.
  1. Reduces no-shows.
We have all had those infuriating clients that book an appointment but never cancel or show up. The online booking software sends automated messages reminding clients of their appointments. Booking online also allows clients to feel more comfortable cancelling an appointment, as they don’t have to call and explain over the phone.
  1. No more scheduling errors
When you are running around trying to get everything done and maintain your sanity, you are more likely to make mistakes in the booking of appointments. This may be a double-booking or allocating the wrong time to a client. Let’s not forget writing down the incorrect phone number or email address. These mistakes happen easily and although we are all human, it does look very unprofessional. The responsibility of booking has shifted from you to the client – they need to make sure that they entered all their details correctly.
  1. Up-selling extras and add-ons
All your products and services are now available right on your clients electronic device. They can browse through all the extras and add-ons and decide which they would like. Service and product descriptions are available to make sure they know exactly what they are booking and what it will be used for. The client’s experience in your salon also improves, because they feel less pressured to buy extra products. You, as the nail technician, no longer have to up-sell a ton of things. For more blogs or product information: