Polygel is basically acrylic powder in a gel base, so it is the best of both worlds - it has inherited the good qualities of hard gel and acrylics, while leaving behind the poor qualities that inspire a consistent frown on the faces of nail techs all over the world. This miracle product has emerged out of nowhere, but is it worth trying it? What is all the hype about? Will my clients want to try it?

Is it easy to work with Polygel?

Yes! Extremely easy actually! Polygel has the consistency and malleability of putty. There is no need to worry about the ratios of liquids and powders - Polygel is pre-mixed, so you just open the container and boom! You can start right away. So you're probably wondering how a putty-like substance could possibly work with nail art... Well, don't worry. Yes, the Polygel is sticky and it will string up when touched. In order to avoid this, a Slip Solution needs to be applied to the surface of the Polygel. This changes the surface from sticky to slippery, so that you can easily do your nail designs and manipulate the Polygel in your desired shape. What makes Polygel even easier to work with is that you, as the nail technician, can take your sweet time in finishing the design. There is literally no rush! Until the Polygel has been cured, it will not set.

If it is so easy to use, do I need to go on a Polygel training course?

Because Polygel is one of a kind and there is nothing quite like it circulating the nail industry, I would recommend that you take a Polygel course. Polygel works completing differently from acrylics and hard gels. It's easy to assume that if you are familiar with acrylics and hard gels, you should be able to figure it out. And perhaps you could, but going for training will give you all the tips, tricks and knowledge to use Polygel to its limits. Customers who are eager to try out the new products may be hesitant if you are not accredited with a course training certificate.

How long will it take to apply a set of Polygel nails?

On average, an application of only one colour can take anything between 45 minutes and 1 hour and 15 minutes. 2 colours can take up to 2 hours.

How long will one tube of Polygel last?

An average tube creates up to 50 sets of nails depending on how much practice you have gotten and what colours you use .

How long does Polygel last before needing maintenance?

Polygel lasts about 3 weeks before maintenance is required.

How do you remove Polygel?

Polygel does not need to be soaked in acetone. It simply needs to be buffered down until a small percentage still covers the nail. This thin layer is meant to protect the nail.

Is Polygel harmful for your nails?

No. If it is properly applied, maintained and removed, it will not cause any damage to the natural nail.

What are the benefits of using Polygel?

  • They are strong and flexible. This protects your nail from getting damaged, as it does with the rigid acrylics.
  • Polygels cure really fast.
  • They are light and comfortable to wear - it has a complete natural feel. You won't even know that you are wearing it.
  • Should you want to remove them, they can be easily filed off with either a buffer or nail file.
  • Polygel has a pleasant odour compared to the strong smell associated with acrylics. The Polygel has a soft odour, because there is no monomer in the compound.
  • There are no particles hovering in the air, as there is with acrylics. The filings just fall straight to the ground instead of hanging in the air and making breathing difficult.
The only down side of Polygel is that it is a bit pricey, but for the quality of product that your client is receiving, that shouldn't be an issue. For more information or more helpful blogs, click on the following link: https://www.crystalclawz.co.za/