Get head-turning nails without tiny brushes and impossible rhinestones. Move over, matte. Ultra-shiny chrome nails are taking over the spotlight, especially Pinterest. According to their latest trend report, chrome nails’ popularity has risen a whopping 570 percent! Look-at-me chrome nails are not for the faint of heart though. Unlike your basic shimmery manicure, chrome nails don’t get their shine from polish. Instead, you buff loose pigment into nails until it reaches that almost-blinding shine. This look has such an intense sheen that it’s almost like you’ve got mirrors on your fingertips. First, you’ll have to apply two layers of color and a gel topcoat, all cured under a lamp, according to Daily Charme. Works best if you use a non-wipe top coat. Now here comes the fun (and messy) part. Dip a sponge into a pot of chrome pigment and rub it onto your treated nail. As you buff, buff, buff away at it, the nail will turn from plain ol’ glitter to a smooth, super shiny surface. Seal it off with another cured gel topcoat. Again works best if you use two layers of top coat. The results? Looks like you dipped your fingers straight into liquid silver. If you want to skip all those steps and leave your mani to the nail salon pros, though, we don’t blame you. That way, you can request insane designs like this. Sure, “chrome” might bring to mind a certain shade of silver, but you can use the same process with other colors for a “chameleon” look. You could pick a darker pigment too for an even edgier feel. Embellishments, fancy colors, or not-so-basic silver, one thing is for sure: Your nails will be turning heads. Article by