Keeping your manicures and other nail services sanitary has always been an essential part of running a successful salon. But, with hygiene procedures being tightened up following the Coronavirus outbreak, it really is more important than ever! Now let's take a look at our step-by-step guide to find out how to best clean your nail tools and ensure clients are reassured by your hygiene procedures…

1. Ensure your manicure table is clean and tidy

Before your client shows up, be sure that your manicure table is completely clutter free. Any leftovers from your previous client should be cleared away – tissues and cotton wool pads should be in the bin, any tools should have been properly disinfected and put away. Clean the entire area with a surface disinfectant, such as multi surface disinfectant wipes or antibacterial surface spray. You should either wipe your table with a disposable cloth, or one that can be washed after use. If you are using a Perspex screen for manicure tables, this should also be cleaned with a disinfectant on both sides between each client.

2. Wash hands and wear your salon PPE

When your client arrives, always wash your hands in front of them, so they can be confident that you are maintaining good hygiene practices. Then, put on any suitable salon PPE – this might be a little different to usual! To reduce transmission of Covid-19, you should now wear a face shield as well as your mask. Once your hands are completely clean and dry, put on your disposable gloves, if needed. If you aren’t wearing gloves, use hand sanitizer regularly throughout the treatment.

3. Ask clients to sanitise their hands

Clients need to wash their hands before a manicure, too. Antibacterial liquid soap and water is best, but you should have a bottle hand sanitizer available at your station, too.

4. Get your clean supplies ready

While your client washes their hands, take your clean equipment out of your salon sterilizer if using one, or other sanitary storage area. Keeping your drawers and station nice and organized is essential, so you don’t have to rummage around too much to find what you need.

5. Wipe the nail with nail plate cleanser

Once you have everything clean and ready to go, you can start your manicure! Wipe the client’s nail with a cleanser such as Mundo Nail Plate Cleanser and begin the treatment.

6. Use a dust collector when filing

When filing nails, dust is not only messy but isn’t sanitary, either. Those nail particles could be carrying infections, plus you don’t want to be breathing in any chemicals released by the polish or acrylic. Using a dust collector helps keep your manicure table as clean as possible.

7. Throw away any disposable tools

Don’t leave single-use nail tools and supplies out on your table during your client’s manicure! As soon as you are done with a disposable nail file, tissue or orange stick, put it in the bin by your table. Once you are finished with any reusable tools, put them in a tray ready to be sanitized and disinfected when the manicure is over – be sure you don’t get them mixed up with clean implements and tools.

8. Wash your hands again!

When the client’s manicure is over, remove your gloves by rolling them off from the cuff. Put them in the bin and wash your hands. Once your client has left, take off your face mask – if it is disposable, put it in the bin. If it is reusable, put it in the laundry basket before getting yourself a fresh one.

9. Disinfect and sterilise your nail tools and station

Now it’s time to clean up ready for the next client! It’s important that you ensure all of your nail tools are thoroughly sanitized and disinfected to prevent any risk of cross contamination… Credit: Salons Direct Loved our blog? Take a look at our latest posts by clicking HERE.