Paula Begoun shares with us the dos and don'ts of nail care from her book, The Beauty Bible:
  • Don't use nail products that contain formaldehyde or toluene. They pose health risks for the nail and for your entire body as well.
  • Don't use fingernails as tools to pry things open.
  • Don't use your fingers as letter openers. That destroys the cuticles, which destroys the nail matrix and affects nail growth and strength.
  • Don't soak nails for long periods, and never use any kind of soap or detergent when soaking. Nails and cuticles that become engorged with water weaken, and the longer soap or detergent is in contact with skin and nails the greater the potential for damaging the nail and cuticle structure.
  • Don't overuse any kind of nail-polish remover. Use a minimal amount on the nail and avoid getting too much on the cuticle and skin.
  • Don't push the cuticle back too far. Leave the cuticle alone as much as possible. Trim only the part of the cuticle that has started to lift away from the nail.
  • Don't allow any manicurist to touch your hands with utensils that have not been properly sterilized. The importance of this step cannot be stressed enough. Risking your health and well-being for a manicure is just not worth it, and that is a definite possibility with bacteria-laden nail instruments!
  • Don't pull or tear at hangnails. Always gently cut them away, leaving the cuticle intact and as untampered with as possible.
  • Don't ignore nail or cuticle inflammation. Disinfect the skin as soon as you can with an antibacterial or anti-fungal agent. Any change to the nail's appearance needs to be checked out by a dermatologist.
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