The thing about doing your nails in this style is that it isn’t something that you can do in a hurry. Simply trying to paint your nails with two different colors, just like that, isn’t going to work out that well. With that being said, it’s not impossible to do it yourself at home. Or, you could get the look done at your favorite nail salon. To paint ombre nail designs, you’re going to want to pick two colors that you like best. Whether they “match” or not doesn’t matter. You’ll need sponges, plastic, and toothpicks. Use the lighter color of the two that you’ve chosen and paint each nail. Let them dry. Put the two colors on the plastic sheet. Using the toothpicks, swirl the colors in the middle. You can choose the kind of color gradient you like best. Take the sponge and dab it in the nail polish and then on your nail. Don’t let it cover the whole nail. You can dab as many times as you like before polish dries to ensure that you get the exact color you like. If that’s too much work for you, consider having a professional do it instead. But until then take a look at our ombre nails collection and get inspired!

1) Winter Blues Can Be Beautiful

Winter Blues Can Be Beautiful Just because the winter has got you blue, doesn’t mean you should keep the blues away from your nails. The col blue set in ombre with a lime green pairs nicely with the accented glitter nail on one hand. It’s not a look that you’ll see everywhere but certainly, one that will warm your heart every time you look at your hands.

2) Keep It Classy With Simple Ombre Nails

Keep It Classy With Simple Ombre Nails Cool and subdued, these nails look as classy as you’d want for a formal setting, but with some extra pizzazz. With an ombre style that is just barely there, these nude colored nails are fabulous for those special occasions where you want to have fun but keep it cool.

3) Variety Is The Spice of Life

Variety Is The Spice of Life Anything but boring, we love what’s going on with this design. From simple pink ombre designs to sparkles in between, you don’t have to stay limited to just one look. Keeping it fun in the cold months is what this nail look is all about and we think it looks quite awesome.

4) Cool Colors For Cool Weather

Cool Colors For Cool Weather Metallic blues fading slowly into greens reminds us of the changing of seasons. For the cool girl yet ever so subliminally feminine, this look is shiny yet subdued, keeping it real for the lady who knows how to work hard and how to have fun. Shiny glitter and ombre nails are much cooler than we had ever thought.

5) A Pretty Twist For The Blushing Bride

 A Pretty Twist For The Blushing Bride Reminiscent of the traditional French manicure but taking things up a notch, the finesse of these ombre nails is second to none. Smooth transparent color blending its way into white is simple yet eye-catching while the glittered nails add that touch of “all eyes on me” that any bride-to-be could want.

6) An Awesome Look For An Awesome Girl

An Awesome Look For An Awesome Girl There’s just something about shiny things that make us say, “yes!” and this look has us begging for it. The soft pink with the unique glitter ombre design is the work of art that you want on your fingers. Whether you have a special occasion coming up or simply like all things beautiful, you can totally pull off this classically beautiful look.

7) Shine Like A Diamond With Ombre Nail Art

Shine Like A Diamond With Ombre Nail Art What is better than pink ombre nails? Not much in our opinion, but if we had to choose something, it would be this gorgeous nail art that is everything girly-girls’ dreams are made of. With the unique accents on each nail to the glitter adorning almost every nail, this look is certainly one that will make you feel like “he should put a ring on it.”

8) Bold, Daring, Cute, and Unique

Bold, Daring, Cute, and Unique You were born to stand out so why try to fit in? If you’re all about being who you are, this unique orange ombre design will make you feel as sassy as can be. From the bold pattern to the spot-on fading in the ombre design, we’re all about this being the daring look for a winter “gone wrong.”.

9) So Delicious, Like Cotton Candy

So Delicious, Like Cotton Candy Mmm, these nails look so good, we can almost taste them. Yet, you don’t want to do any biting on nails that look as fine as these ones. The perfect graduation of white to pink with one glittered nail on one each hand, there is so much that we’re loving about this sweet-looking design that has us craving the good stuff.

10) Ombre Nails Have Us Loving Winter Skies

 Ombre Nails Have Us Loving Winter Skies The smooth gradient of black and grey with light touches of glitter in this ombre nail design is so perfect, it reminds us of looking up at the starry night skies. See? Winter isn’t so bad if you know where to look and when you have this classy design on your hands, you’ll be looking “up” a whole lot more.

11) The Ice Queen Wants Her Nails Back

 The Ice Queen Wants Her Nails Back This design looks like it belongs to ion Elsa in Frozen. The cool color blends will have you matching the snowy weather, but we’re loving it in a really good way. Metallic blues, glitter, and pink and blue ombre are surprisingly attractive on your nails, separately and together.

12) Pretty In Purple Is A Thing

Pretty In Purple Is A Thing We know that girls look pretty in pink but did you know they also look just as cute in purple? At least if they’re sporting these perfectly done purple ombre nails that have the best fading of color ever. Whether you love purple or want to feel awesome, these could be the nails for you.

13) So Yummy, I Could Eat Them

 So Yummy, I Could Eat Them You know that when nails look like food, they are definitely a cute look that you want to sport. Reminding of lemon squares, this delicate design is perfect for anybody, from the beautiful bride to the college student. The light pink color with the white speckled ombre is classy yet fun, no matter the season, no matter the occasion.

14) Easy, Calm, and Collected Beauty

Easy, Calm, and Collected Beauty Pastel colors blend nicely with this design that is all about standing out from the rest. With baby blue nails paired with a glittered nail on each hand and a soft pink and blue ombre nail design to pair with it, this design is bold in a very calm and soothing way.

15) Pretty In Pink Ombre Nails

Pretty In Pink Ombre Nails Pink nails dipped in glitter can make anyone feel like a princess. This amazing design can make anyone feel like a girly girl, no matter what you’re getting up to. For the delicate lady who wants to show off her feminine side, this could be the easy look for you.

16) Take Me To The Beach

Take Me To The Beach An incredible style that is reminiscent of sand and waves, the easy breezy beach bum is going to love a look like this one. The ombre design of blues and white will have you thinking of white sand beaches and sipping on a margarita and to be honest, who wouldn’t want to be thinking of a picture like that?

17) Simple And Sweet Ombre Nails

Simple And Sweet Ombre Nails If you’re less about wild patterns and bold designs, this simple yet unique ombre design is both classy and sweet. A light baby blue fading into a light pink makes this look both fun and feminine. It’s the perfect look for holiday fun and vacation while remaining authentic and unique.

18) An Awesome, Edgy Look For A Cool Girl

An Awesome, Edgy Look For A Cool Girl Shiny nails are fun for anyone, so if you’re a woman who wants to stand out while also keeping the look classy and unique. This ombre design is different in that the metallic silver gradually fades into a transparent design. It can easily combine with any outfit and will make you look edgy but still keep it real.

19) Nails-Born to Stand Out

Nails-Born to Stand Out If you’re the type of girl who is all about standing out in a crowd, this bold purple and blue ombre design with exotic nail art will have you attracting all eyes to you. You can be sure that no one could ever think you boring with nails like these ones.

20) Subtly Seductive and Sexy Nail Design

Subtly Seductive and Sexy Nail Design If you look quickly, you’ll barely notice that this easy look includes an ombre design. The subtle gradient of maroon and black is barely noticeable but when you do see it, you love it. It keeps what seems like a traditional look from being too basic and adds just the right amount of edge to the design. From bold colors to light classy looks, there is something for every type of woman who loves to have her nails perfectly done. Ombre nails are definitely in style right now, so if you like to keep up with the fashion, you can trust that these designs may work perfectly for you. Whether you want to have bright and festive colors for the winter season or keep it cool with classy designs and pastel colors perfect for the cold season, these ideas will help to get you started with options for the ombre nail art that is perfect for you. Which ombre nail art design do you like best? Source: The Cuddle