Strappy sandal season has arrived, but clients who are missing a nail may not feel confident exposing their toes. Offering toenail reconstruction services can give these underserved clients a much-needed self-esteem boost, as well as raise your salon’s credibility. Not to mention, learning how to properly perform toenail correction, build a prosthetic nail or protective covering, or construct a corrective “brace” for ingrown toenails can provide an income boost.Here, learn how to get clients back into their summer sandals with this gel toenail reconstruction guide.
2) Use a cats-tongue brush to apply a thin base of gel specifically designed for reconstructing toenails to create the desired shape and length. Cure for 60 seconds under an LED lamp or two minutes under a UV lamp.3) Apply a second layer of gel to the center of the nail, and allow it to self- level. Then, gently float the product across the nail for the desired shape and thickness. Cure.4) Carefully trim the sidewalls with cuticle nippers. Use an e-file or traditional file to finish shaping the nail.5) Remove any dust. Then, apply light-cured sealant to smooth and shine the new nail. TIP! If finishing with gel polish or hard gel, skip Step 5, and just smooth the nail’s surface with a soft buffer.
6) Remove the inhibition layer, and proceed with polish and top coat.TIP! Send clients home with an antiseptic and antifungal spray or dropper to protect and care for their new prosthetic nail.
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