CRYSTAL CLAWZ French Rubber Base Gel


CRYSTAL CLAWZ Rubber Gel is an exciting new hard Gel that is more liquid than traditional Gels and is applied with exceptional ease. It is as strong as Builder Gel, but has a little more flexibility and therefore a little harder to break. CRYSTAL CLAWZ Rubber Base requires no Primer, Bonder or Base Coat As it is a soak-off system, it is also easier to remove with no risk of over-filing on a client’s nails. Our Rubber Gel is ideal for:
  • Natural Nail Overlay
  • Tip Overlay
  • In-filling on all systems, including CRYSTAL CLAWZ Builder Gel
Although it can be used for sculpting, because of the thinner consistency, you need to work more quickly to avoid the product running before curing. It is more suited to sculpting shorter nails. You'll find all our available colours at: