Hey Nail Tech, 

We know stepping into something new and shiny like Crystal Clawz can sometimes make the wallet a little nervous. Wanting to bring all that glam and quality into your world without having the money stresses? We hear you! 

A Friendly Hello to Crystal Clawz

Crystal Clawz is all about making your nails look like a million bucks without costing it. Our goodies are top-notch, and the prices? Super friendly! But we wanted to sprinkle a little extra fairy dust for those making the switch.

Special Treats Just for You!

We’ve wrapped up some sparkly deals in a bow: 

- Get 15% off when you spend over R5,000. Just use the magic words NEWSALON15 at checkout!

- If your cart is brimming with over R10,000 worth of pretties, type in NEWSALON20 and watch 20% of the price poof away!

- For the big spenders going over R15,000, NEWSALON25 is your golden ticket to 25% off.

- Now, if you’re going all out with more than R20,000, NEWSALON30 gives you a cool 30% discount.

- And for the queens and kings of shopping, spending over R30,000, enjoy a royal 35% off with NEWSALON35. 

Easy-Peasy Payments with Mobicred

Guess what? We teamed up with the wizards at Mobicred to make getting your Crystal Clawz treasures as easy as pie. Now, you can spread the cost over 12 months. Yup, a whole year! All the glam, none of the stress. 

Join the Crystal Clawz Family!

So, ready to jump into a world where your nail art pops and sparkles without emptying your piggy bank? [Come on in], the magic awaits! 

Can’t wait to see the wonders you’ll create with a little help from Crystal Clawz! 


The Crystal Clawz Team 🌈