I always try to say positive things when people are running on about a salon. Usually they stop once you start. I’ve had lots of people who ask my opinion on other salons. I keep it as vague as possible. If they ask about independent nail techs, I strictly stick to their strengths regardless of what I think. I will say, oh so-and-so does good cuticle work or they are good at baby boomers or do nice line work. Nothing perpetuates bad business more than trash-talking others. Regardless, even if they’ve said terrible things, be the bigger person and just brush it off. You can’t please everyone, but by being gracious you can build a strong reputation. @jenniferamyfriesen Via Instagram I always apologize that they had a bad experience and I encourage them to speak up if something being done isn’t up to their standards. I let them know that a lot of the time, nail techs really do try their hardest but they may have not have quality education. With that being said, clients should expect cleanliness and good sanitation because that isn’t something anyone should compromise. @naildbyamber Via Instagram Have fun! Talk about everything except other people! A nail appointment is not the time for gossip, it’s time for pampering and fun. I am the leader of the service and I feel it’s up to me to ensure the standard of the conversation is agreeable and nice. @thenailwhisperernailqueen Via Instagram I don’t entertain it at all. I change the subject quickly. @themorganexperience Via Instagram Educate, educate, educate. Keep the focus on teaching them what is best for the health and longevity of their nails while just being a good listener for the rest. @missconde Via Instagram If you enjoyed this blog, have a look at our website for our latest posts: http://www.crystalclawz.co.za
Credit: https://www.nailsmag.com/616300/crowdsourcing-how-do-you-handle-clients-or-coworkers-who-badmouth-other-salons