Would you like to become a nail technician? It is an exciting industry that is constantly changing and developing. New products are popping up everywhere and there are so many new trends and techniques to try out. There is no doubt, that if you are passionate about nails, that this is the career for you! The design options are endless, so you couldn’t possibly get bored! There are certain traits and skills that are important to have to become a nail technician. These skills can be developed, so if you read this and think this is definitely for you, but lack one or two skills, don’t worry. These are personality traits, all technical skills you would have to learn through a beauty course.

As a nail technician, you are an artist; a designer. Creativity should be free-flowing and easily accessible. A client will tell you what they want and you should be able to plan out your design within your head very quickly. Creativity also involves being dynamic. If you are creative, your designs will all be unique from one another. You will also learn to add your own “stamp” to it. This creative flair will lure clients to your door. Your uniqueness will make you stand out from other nail techs that prefer pre-made templates to creating their own designs. You should be able to inspire yourself by trying out new techniques or designs or following trends and putting your own spin to it. Remember, being creative is not about being on a solitary island with only your thoughts – grab inspiration wherever you go and translate that into your art.

If you lack passion for the nail industry, this is probably not the job for you. Do what you love and if that is not nail art, then don’t try and put yourself into a box. Nail technicians need to be passionate, because your clients can feel your energy. Your passion will drive your ambition and career, and keep your business growing. No passion = stagnation.

You’ve all heard the phrase ‘patience is a virtue’. If there is any job that will test your patience, it is definitely that of a nail technician. You can not rush a nail design. If a top coat needs to cure for 30 seconds, you need to leave it for 30 seconds. No cutting corners. Intricate designs require time and patience. To ensure customer satisfaction, you need to take your time with each client. Rushing will result in clumsy work and loss of valuable customers, so make sure to give yourself enough time with each client so you won’t feel pressured to rush.

There are several memes going around about clients telling their nail technicians all the gossip of the town. You need to be able to hold a conversation and make your client feel comfortable in your salon. A vibrant and energetic personality is advantageous in this regard. You will have to deal with bookings over the phone and spend your day engaging with clients. You will receive clients that would prefer not to talk during the nail appointment, but most of them will want to talk to break the ice and make the time go by faster. You want to give your client the best possible service to ensure that you retain them as a customer and that they refer you to their friends and family.

Time is a looming cloud over a nail technician. There are too few hours in a day to message and email customers and ensure that you provide great service to your clients. Organizational skills are vital to ensure that you can run your salon effectively and efficiently. Your booking system needs to be structured and easy to manage and adjust. Stick to allocated time slots to ensure that you do not run behind or make clients wait. The storage of your equipment needs to be easily on hand. You can’t run around searching for an efile, while your customer is sitting there wondering how much more of their time you are going to waste. Know where all your equipment is. Make sure your polishes are packed according to colour. Give yourself time between appointments to prepare yourself for the next appointment. The more organized you are, the more efficient your service will run and the more clients you can fit in per day.

A good sense of focus is very important for a nail tech to possess. You will be required to keep up a conversation with your client, while focusing on perfecting your nail design, so multi-tasking is a must. Develop a sense of discipline towards your craft. You will be approached by clients who want basic manicures, but make sure that you maintain a consistent level of quality. Getting distracted or bored will hinder your business in the long run.

Often, clients are indecisive about what they want. This is where you, as the nail tech, need to step in and take charge. You need to be confident in your skills and provide useful advice to your clients. Have you been wanting to try out a new design? Convince your client to try it out if they are not sure what they want. You are the professional here, so assist your clients. Providing great advice and giving a sense that you know what you are doing, will impress your clients and improve their experience at your salon.

You need to be able to spot the latest trends. The beauty industry is extremely dynamic. Trends pop up and disappear like lightning, so you need to make sure your training and products remain up to date with the trends. Keep an eye on social media, nail magazines and nail blogs to make sure you are aware of all the different techniques out there and which ones are popular each season. For more business tips or product information, visit our website: https://www.crystalclawz.co.za/