Getting your work out there and noticed is all about presentation. With the precision you put into your nail art, you want to be able to show off every detail, but capturing the fine points can be quite the challenge if you don’t have the right tools. If you can demonstrate the sharpness and beauty of your nail art, you are on your way to getting your work noticed. We bring you the top 5 best photo editing apps to make your nail blog or social media page shine. 1. Snapseed snapseed_logo1 Snapseed is one of the most popular apps with photographers and is sure to be your new fav. Designed to be used on small displays, this app gives you control over similar tools as used in professional photo editing programs. Along with the essentials of photo editing such as color and exposure adjustment, Snapseed also comes equipped with several tools that allow you to manage blemishes of all sorts, fine tune details and set the perfect ambiance for the look you want. (FREE) 2. Canva Canva-Logo-1sl8kwa Canva makes graphic design simple for everyone. This easy photo-editing app allows you to add images and text to your own photos and use custom dimensions. Canva provides thousands of layouts, fonts and graphics and is perfect for blogs, Instagram and all other social media platforms. (FREE) 3. Watermark by Yellow Lab, Inc. Watermark Logo Watermark enables you to create logos, signatures, brands and copyrights to protect any photos you post on social media. What’s especially cool about this app is that you aren’t only limited to text. Watermark provides several fun options and styles for making your perfect copyright. Here, you can personalize your watermark in a matter of minutes. (FREE) 4. Afterfocus Afterfocus App Afterfocus is perfect for nail bloggers and specifically useful for nail artists who want to capture the beauty and fine details of their nail art. This app allows you to imitate shallow depth of field, which will drag your audience’s eyes to your beautiful design and keep all the focus on the nails. (.99) 5. Picstitch mza_8553143611514418621 Picstitch is rated as the #1 photo collage editor on the App Store. This helpful and classic program offers a fun and simple way to display your photos. Nail bloggers can arrange nail collections and specific styles into a collage that shows off their work and flaunts a certain theme. (FREE)
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