At this point in the year, I'd normally be asking myself "Can you believe we only have like one more month left of 2020!?" We are just SO ready to fast forward to New Year's Eve, put on a glittery dress, get all glammed up (yep, I'm still doing my makeup, hair, and nails even though I'll likely just be sitting in my apartment) and celebrate what's to come in 2021. So to help you get in the spirit to ring in the new year (you can never start too early, right?), I've rounded up the 15 best New Year’s Eve nail designs for you to wear while sipping champagne on your couch this December 31st. They're easy to DIY and very cute too.

1. Rhinestone embellishments

A rhinestone fantasy design made for those who want their nails to look colourful and creative! Credit: mpnails

2. Low-key glitter

This goes out to everyone who wants to keep it chill but still be on-theme. Credit: jinsoon

3. Star-studded accent nail

This is what you call chic and understated with one pop of ~ extra ~. It is so simple, and will suit any outfit perfectly! Credit: oliveandjune

4. Sparkly bubblegum nails

If wearing a literal party on your nails sounds like a vibe, get this.
Credit: paintboxnails

5. Rose gold accents

Rose gold is just the answer to everything! You can never go wrong with this look!
Credit: pnails

6. Metallic star design

Just in case you want to show off your holiday spirit with your nails.
Credit: oliveandjune

7. Tiny glitter tips

Are you more into neutral nails? A touch of glitter won't hurt!
Credit: oliveandjune

8. Champagne glitter nails

Go all out with glitter this new years, because why not?
Credit: paintboxnails

9. The simple, sparkly stripe

Minimalists will love this low-key chic design.
Credit: aliciatnails

10. Tinsel-inspired tips

Silvery French tips look like tinsel on your fingertips. Silver sparkle for the win!
Credit: paintboxnails

11. Matte-plum mani with gold accents

An easy way to dress up this fall hue is with a pop of gold.
Credit: oliveandjune

12. Royal-chrome nails

An unexpected twist for a holiday that's dominated by metallics.
Credit: pnails

13. Life of the party

A multi-color confetti top coat is an instant way to get in celebration mode.

14. Precious metals

It's the triangle version of a double moon manicure in striking gold and silver.

Credit: @hannahroxit

15. Starry Night

What are your dreams, wishes, and hopes for 2021? If incredible nail art is on the list, opt for this shimmery and sparkly design.

Credit: @vanityprojects

We hope that you would try some of these designs and have an amazing New Year! If you enjoyed reading this blog, you can read our latest blogs here.