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    INDULGENCE Gel Polish - In the Nude #609

    R155.00 R108.50

    Looking for something subtle? In the Nude is the perfect light pink with a hint of a blue undertone.  Colour: PinkTone/Shade: Light pink with a delicate blue undertone.Finish: CremeVolume: 10ml...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Concrete Jungle (#235)

    R155.00 R108.50

    Our gel polish range has been thoroughly tested in-house and we know you're going to love them. They're so easy to work with and a little goes a long way....

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Green Mystique #1403

    R155.00 R108.50

    Give your clients a pop of color with this Green Mystique gel polish. This creamy green shade makes a bold and sophisticated statement Colour: Green/TurquoiseTone/Shade: Mid-Deep Green with subtle blue undertoneFinish: CremeVolume:...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Royal Blue #1150

    R155.00 R108.50

    Royal Blue gel polish is a captivating and majestic shade that promises to be a showstopper in any nail technician's collection. This vibrant, deep blue hue exudes confidence and sophistication....

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Cocoa Retreat #642

    R155.00 R108.50

    Indulge in the decadent allure of Cocoa Retreat gel polish. This rich and luxurious shade envelops the nails in a deep cocoa hue, exuding warmth and sophistication. Its high pigmentation...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Chestnut Charm #376

    R155.00 R108.50

    Radiate warmth and sophistication with Chestnut Charm. This rich, earthy shade embodies the allure of chestnut wood, bringing a touch of rustic elegance to any manicure. Its high pigmentation ensures...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Mocha Rose #318

    R155.00 R108.50

    Mocha Rose is a rich and deep shade of rosy-brown with a hint of warmth and earthiness. This color is sophisticated, luxurious, and elegant. Colour: Rosy BrownTone/Shade: Mid brown with pink toneFinish:...

    16-Piece Nail Art Brush Set

    R1,195.00 R836.50

    This 16 piece brush set will give you very brush you are going to need to create perfect nail art. Handle is clear, frosted and semi-translucent.  Bristles are high quality,...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Amethyst Aura #848

    R155.00 R108.50

    Amethyst Aura gel polish is a bold and opulent shade of purple with a pink/red undertone. Colour: Purple Tone/Shade: Mid Purple with Red and Blue undertones Finish: Creme Volume: 10ml Generation...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Stormy Weather #2053

    R155.00 R108.50

    Dive into the depths of Stormy Weather, a shade that captures the essence of a tempestuous sky of gray and with and undertone of stormy blue.  Colour: Grey Tone/Shade: Mid Grey...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Sea Serenade #992

    R155.00 R108.50

    Channel the ocean's tranquility with Sea Serenade. This gel polish is perfect for creating a calm and serene look. Its blue-green hue will make your nails look polished and fresh,...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Amethyst Allure #823

    R155.00 R108.50

    Indulge in the captivating beauty of Amethyst Allure, a gel polish that exudes elegance and sophistication. This mesmerizing shade showcases the rich tones of purple hues and subtle hints of...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Imperial Iris #780

    R155.00 R108.50

    Let your clients' nails do the talking with this vibrant and daring shade of purple. Imperial Iris is the perfect choice for those who want to make a lasting impression,...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Sizzling Fuchsia #555

    R155.00 R108.50

    Immerse yourself in the intense and scintillating beauty of Sizzling Fuchsia \. This gel polish is a true statement-maker, with its rich and sultry shade of deep pink that demands...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Coral Reef #255

    R155.00 R108.50

    Bring the beach to your clients with Coral Reef! This tropical shade is perfect for those who want to channel their inner island vibes. Colour: Coral Tone/Shade: Mid orange with...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Serene Crème #1995

    R155.00 R108.50

    Serene Crème gel polish, a shade that evokes a sense of calm and tranquility. This captivating colour showcases a delicate and creamy blend of beige and peach, creating a serene...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Coffee Break #1983

    R155.00 R108.50

    Take a moment to savour the exquisite shade of Coffee Break gel polish. This captivating colour captures the essence of a cozy coffee break, with its warm and inviting brown...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Sienna Secret #1971

    R155.00 R108.50

    Sienna Secret is a captivating shade that showcases a rich and deep sienna brown hue, reminiscent of sun-drenched landscapes and timeless beauty. Colour: Brown Tone/Shade: Mid brown with orange undertone...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Saddle Up #1936

    R155.00 R108.50

    Embrace the rustic elegance of Saddle Up, a gel polish that exudes the warmth and charm of a well-worn saddle. Colour: Brown Tone/Shade: Light brown with ochre undertone Finish: Creme...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Blanched Almond #1931

    R155.00 R108.50

    Experience the understated beauty of Blanched Almond gel polish, a shade that exudes elegance and refinement. This delicate colour boasts high pigmentation, ensuring a soft and sophisticated look on the...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Forest's Edge #1614

    R155.00 R108.50

    Forest's Edge, is a captivating shade that evokes reminders of new spring woodland growth.  Bright and clean, it’s perfect for those bold accents. Colour: Green Tone/Shade: Bright mid green Finish:...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Spearmint #1611

    R155.00 R108.50

    Experience the refreshing coolness of Spearmint, a gel polish that adds a pop of vibrant colour to your manicure. This invigorating shade showcases a bright and lively spearmint green hue...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Ocean's Edge #1352

    R155.00 R108.50

    Ocean’s Edge is an enchanting shade that showcases a rich and tranquil green hue with a subtle blue tone. Colour: Green Tone/Shade: Mid green with subtle blue undertone Finish: Creme...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Floral Fling #129

    R155.00 R108.50

    Floral Fling gel polish is a perfect blend of pink and purple, creating a vibrant and feminine shade that will make any nails stand out. Colour: Pink Tone/Shade: Mid pink...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Lemon Meringue #044

    R155.00 R108.50

    Add a touch of whimsy to your nail designs with Lemon Meringue. This cheerful shade of yellow has a warm, creamy undertone that will complement any skin tone.  Whether you're creating...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Rustic Retreat #413

    R155.00 R108.50

    Create a cozy and comfortable vibe with Rustic Retreat. This shade is perfect for anyone who loves a natural and effortless look. The brown undertones add a sense of warmth,...

    INDULGENCE GEN 2 Gel Polish - Garnet Glamour #579

    R155.00 R108.50

    Garnet Glamour is a luxurious and seductive shade of deep garnet that exudes confidence and sophistication. Its high pigmentation delivers an intense and captivating colour payoff. Colour: Garnet Tone/Shade: Deep...

    BUILD YOUR OWN - FlexiPro Starter Kit - SAVE 15%


    Creating a full set of perfectly shaped nails has never been easier.  We have put together an offer that will let you create a stunning set of nails in next to...

    Advanced Acrylic System Trial Kit

    R435.00 R340.00

    Introducing our premium range acrylic nail system, meticulously crafted in the USA and created specifically with professional nail technicians in mind.  Our exceptional acrylic system delivers unparalleled performance and consistently...

    Crystal Clawz SPARKLES BUILDER Gel (15ml)

    R205.00 R143.50

    Add some SPARKLE to your life. CRYSTAL CLAWZ Builder Gel is a buff-off system. Builder Gel is a very thick gel and is ideal for Natural Nail Overlays, Tip Overlays, Sculpting. Crystal...

    CANDY CRUSH Gel Polish

    R155.00 R108.50

    Crystal Clawz CANDY CRUSH Gel Polish range is a translucent coloured gel polish base with matching confetti colours.  Applies in ONE coat.  Available in 6 colours If you're looking for superb...

    Pearlescent Chrome Pigments (set of 6)

    R75.00 R48.75

    6-Piece set of stunning Pearlescent Pigment/Pearlescent Chrome powders. 


    R580.00 R465.00

    This TRIAL kit includes all you need to give this amazing product a complete test. Includes: 15ml LIQUI-FLOW #10 10ml UNIBASE  10ml Top Coat CRYSTAL CLAWZ LIQUI-FLOW Gel is an...

    Contoured Silver Nail Deco

    R25.00 R17.50

    High shine, super thin hollow silver nail deco

    *END OF RANGE*Neon Colour Pigments (set of 6)

    R75.00 R48.75

    Create Stunning vibrant nails with Crystal Clawz Neon Colour Pigments.

    Full Builder Gel Starter Kit

    R1,585.00 R1,280.00

    Getting started with Builder Gel?  This is ALL you need in one set. Simplest system, best quality.  No primers, no bonders, NO anything else!  This kit includes: 15ml Clear Builder...

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