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    CRYSTAL CLAWZ HEMA-free gel polish is specially formulated for clients who would REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love to have the beauty and convenience of a set of gel nails, but have an allergic reaction when exposed to the HEMA present in most gels.

    If client is allergic to HEMA, please use the gel polish in combination with our HEMA-free Rubber Base and HEMA-free Top Coat.

    HEMA-FREE French Rubber Base Gel - Clear


    Crystal Clawz Rubber Base Gel is now available in a HEMA-FREE formula. Like the original version, this is an exciting hard Gel that is more liquid than traditional Gels and...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish Top Coat


    CRYSTAL CLAWZ HEMA-free gel polish Top Coat is specially formulated for clients who would REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love to have the beauty and convenience of a set of gel nails,...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Merlot Magic #071


    Experience the luxurious allure of Merlot Magic, a rich, deep shade that evokes the sophistication of fine wine. Perfect for creating stunning, elegant manicures that captivate and inspire. Elevate your...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Hazelnut Delight #029


    Introducing Hazelnut Delight, a warm and inviting light brown shade that combines a soft, natural look with a touch of sophistication, perfect for any occasion. Whether you're going for a...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Snowfall #017


    Snowfall is the perfect shade of white for creating a classic, sophisticated look, whether on its own, as a finish for a classic french manicure or simply the base for...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Fire Engine Red #068


    Introducing Fire Engine Red Gel Polish: Ignite your clients' style with this vibrant, fiery hue that commands attention. Perfect for making a bold statement, its high-shine finish and long-lasting formula...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Cola Beach #065


    Cola Beach is a rich, vibrant shade of red shade that embodies the bold allure of polished glamour, perfect for making a statement. Ideal for clients seeking a sophisticated yet...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Ethereal Orchid #057


    Capture the essence of ethereal orchids with this light purple hue. Radiating tranquility and elegance, this shade transforms nails into delicate petals, perfect for clients seeking a touch of ethereal...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Cocoa Couture #038


    Cocoa Couture is a sophisticated gel polish shade that exudes elegance and warmth. This rich, creamy brown hue, reminiscent of luxurious cocoa, adds a touch of timeless chic to any...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Oriental Rose #022


    Oriental Rose is a sophisticated gel polish color that blends the classic elegance of deep rose hues with a touch of exotic flair. Its rich, velvety finish provides a luxurious,...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Passionate Peony #008


    Passionate Peony is a vibrant, romanticshade that captures the delicate beauty of peonies in full bloom. Its rich, deep pink hue with subtle undertones of red adds an elegant and...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Neon Diva #106


    Illuminate your client's nails with the vibrant allure of Neon Diva. This electrifying shade not only captivates with its bold hue but also ensures lasting brilliance and chip-free perfection, making...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Midnight Sapphire #083


    Explore the deep allure of Midnight Sapphire, where elegance meets intensity. This rich hue promises a flawless, long-lasting finish that captivates with its luxurious depth, perfect for creating sophisticated nail...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Ebony Espresso #080


    Transform your clients' nails into a bold statement with Ebony Echo. This luxurious dark black coffee polish offers deep, rich tones that exude elegance and sophistication, ensuring a flawless, long-lasting...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Sangria Sunset #070


    Indulge in the rich allure of Sangria Sunset, a deep red gel polish that captivates with its luxurious hue. Perfect for creating glamorous, statement-making nails that exude sophistication and style,...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Lavender Lush #059


    Lavender Lush: Dive into a world of serene elegance with this medium purple gel polish. Its rich, lustrous hue evokes the essence of lavender fields in full bloom, offering a...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Jade Silk #046


    Jade Silk offers a luxurious, deep green hue reminiscent of smooth jade silk, combining rich emerald tones with a subtle blue undertone for a sophisticated and elegant finish. Colour: Green...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Sea Nymph #043


    Sea Nymph gel polish is a captivating shade that features a stunning blend of green and aqua tones, reminiscent of the clear, tranquil waters of a tropical sea. Its high-gloss...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Frosted Rose #018


    Frosted Rose is a delicate, elegant shade combining the subtle charm of soft pink with a hint of a blue undertone. Perfect for a sophisticated, timeless look suitable for both...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Summer Skies #009


    Summer Skies is a soft pastel blue shade perfect for spring and summer. The dreamy blue hue evokes the serene and clear summer sky, adding a touch of tranquility and...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Perfectly Pink #007


    Perfectly Pink is exactly what its name says. This perfect bright mid pink colour is highly pigmented, ensuring a bold and captivating look on the nails. Colour: Pink Tone/Shade: Pure...

    HEMA-Free Gel Polish - Royal Affair #062


    Indulge in regal elegance with 'Royal Affair', a captivating deep lavender purple gel polish that exudes sophistication and allure. Perfect for clients seeking a touch of luxury, its rich hue...

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