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Pedicure spa chairs come with a wide variety of features and designs, and which one is best for your salon will depend on your salon’s style, your clientele, and your priorities. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing which pedicure chair works for you.

Is it easy to clean and disinfect?

It’s crucial to thoroughly clean your pedicure spa for client safety and to comply with state board regulations. Some manufacturers have features that make the spa easier to clean, such as disposable pedicure liners.

Is it comfortable for clients?

It’s important to consider what clientele you expect to be using the chairs before making a choice. “We considered our core clients’ age and mobility challenges as they aged, foot size, and leg length comfort,” explains Claudia Papa, owner of Aqua Skin and Nail Care in Santa Barbara, Calif. “We also considered how we could seat our clients comfortably to do dual services.” Helpful features can include a seat and back that can be adjusted and chair arms that can be lifted to make it easier to get in the chair. The chair’s weight limit is another consideration.

Is it comfortable for nail techs?

The pedicure setup affects nail techs’ comfort too. Are they able to perform services without bending uncomfortably? If you plan to have dual services, is the setup comfortable for both techs?

Does it have special features?

Features such as a built-in massager and heated back and seat can add to the relaxing experience at your salon. Finch specifically looked for a high-quality massager that was “built into the back rest of the chair, not just vibration, with a controller to change settings.” However, Murray cautions buyers to consider how these features can be fixed if necessary. “More moving parts mean more trouble,” she explains.

Does it fit your salon’s fixtures or setup?

It’s important to confirm that your new chair will fit with your salon’s existing design or setup before ordering it. Murray suggests nail techs draw their salon design on paper when considering new equipment, so they can select a chair size that will work with their space. The water and drainage situation is also an important consideration.

Does it fit your budget?

“It’s virtually impossible to even begin looking for a setup unless you know what you can spend,” says Murray. Although it may be tempting to pick the cheapest option, it’s important to factor in how long the chair will last and how often it will require repairs. Cheaper surfaces and components won’t last as long.

Is it easy to repair and maintain?

Murray recommends getting references and making sure you can contact the company in case of repairs. You may be able to personally deal with some problems, but it’s ideal if the company will come fix it if necessary. What services you plan to perform can affect your chair’s maintenance as well. Papa made sure to consider future plumbing maintenance issues because she knows her salon uses a sugar scrub in all pedicure services. The surface of the chair is also an important consideration. You’ll want something durable and easy to clean.

Can you try it before you buy it?

Seeing potential spa chair models in person will help you evaluate whether it’s comfortable, whether its features work as you expect, and whether it’s sturdy. If you enjoyed this blog, have a look at our website to see our latest blogs: Credit: Katherine Fleming