Could I please get nude nails…uh, no wait, could I please change that to a red and orange ombre… Oh, I like this colour, what is this? Turquoise? Uhm, you know what? Let’s go with plain black. Wait, what colour did I want before that again? Client. We all love our clients, but oh my goodie, they are indecisive! We all know we could probably fit more clients in our schedules in a day if our clients would just know exactly what colour polish they want when they arrive or choose one quickly. Many clients arrive with an idea of what they want, but then become overwhelmed by all the options. How can you assist clients in making a good decision about their nail colour quickly? Well, let’s find out…
  1. Encourage clients to choose their original idea.

Most clients spend hours on Pinterest looking through nail designs, trying to figure out how they want theirs to look like. They may have been overwhelmed with the designs online, but they should have a shade of colour that they can’t get out of their heads. Discover what shade they loved and provide them with a few options to choose from that are similar to that shade.
  1. Always ask your clients: ‘what colour are you drawn to?’ or ‘which colours do you dislike?’

If a client is really struggling to choose a colour, a great place to start is by eliminating colours that they don't like and ending up with 2 – 3 final options.
  1. Give your client a colour chart with basic shades of the colours.

Instead of giving your clients hundreds of options, provide them with a colour chart with basic shades of each of the main colours, such as blue, pink, red, purple etc. Once they have chosen a main colour or one of its shade options, you can provide them with a similar colour nail polish. The aim is to make sure the client isn’t overwhelmed. Keep your chart basic. It is only meant to give you a general idea of the colour they want - from there you can get into the different shades of that colour that you have available.
  1. Ask your clients to send you a picture or two of the nail art they want on their nails.

This allows you to have a look at what style they want before the appointment and you can plan your design for their nails accordingly. This will by pass the chances of your client hitting a blank in the nail salon. They know what they want and have alerted you about it. There is no going back. Well, they could - but that is unlikely.
  1. Provide clients with options that will suit their skin tone.

This will make your clients feel like they are in good hands, as you are providing suggestions and taking charge of the situation. Certain colours simply won’t compliment your clients' skin tones and complexions. Make your client is aware of that, if they don’t know what they want. Steer them in a direction of colours that will look fabulous on them.
  1. Talk to the client about their next nail design, while they are in your salon.

During the client’s appointment, discuss what colours and designs the client would like to try out for their next nail appointment. In this way you get them to book in advance and you already know what the client wants next time around. This may obviously change, but if it doesn’t save you time, at least you have a general idea of what the client wants. Want more business tips and product information? Click the link below: